Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The liar shepherd story

The liar shepherd story

The liar shepherd story
While the villagers were busy working, they heard a boy shouting, “Help! Help! Help! A wolf is attacking my sheep!”
“That sounds from the shepherd boy. He is in trouble. Let’s go and help him,” said the villagers and rushed towards the hill. They were very surprised when they did not see any wolves on the hill.
“Where’s the wolf?” they asked. The boy fell back and started laughing. The villagers realized that the boy had played a trick. They were angry and went back to the work.
The next day, the villagers heard the shepherd boy shouting for help again. They rushed towards the hill, and again the boy laughed at them.
On the third day, a wolf really came and attacked the sheep. “Help! Help! A wolf is attacking my sheep!” shouted the boy at the top of his voice. But nobody bothered him this time. The villagers thought that the boy was trying to fool them again. The boy watched sadly as the wolf killed all his sheep

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