Monday, December 3, 2012


By:  Nur Zaida
Once upon a time, there was a lazy boy called Johnny. He never cleaned his bedroom. One day, on a sunny day, Johnny decided to have a picnic at the park nearby.
At the park, Johnny sat near the pond. After sometime, he started to enjoy the food he had brought. Johnny was too lazy to throw the food wrappers into the dustbin. So he just threw the fruit peel, food wrappers, plastic bags, and cans into the pond.
Poor the creatures in the pond! They all suffered from what Johnny did. Some of them lost their food, some others lost their homes, and to make it worse, the rubbish also hit some fish.
At night, the angry fish, crabs, and prawns visited Johnny's house. These creatures changed into giant creatures. They gathered in Johnny's bedroom. When Johnny saw these creatures, he was so frightened to death that he was just lying stiffly on his bed.
"Is it the boy?" asked the crab to a fish.
"Yes, he was. I saw him throwing the banana skin," answered the fish.
"How could you do it to my baby? He was injured by the can you threw," cried another fish.
"Let me crush this little destructing creature for the thing he has done to us," growled the giant crab while moving its claws. "Clunk, clunk, clunk!"
Johnny did not know what to say. He got up quickly and rushed to the door, but he was not careful that he slipped and fell onto the floor.
Suddenly, he was awake and found himself lying on the floor of his room. Not a single water creature was there. It was just a dream.
"Thank God, it was just a dream. From now on, I will never throw rubbish carelessly," Johnny murmured.

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