Monday, June 10, 2013

The Pride of Icarus

Daedalus, one of the greatest inventors of ancient times, was asked by the king of Crete to build a maze where he could imprison the Minotaur, a monster half-man and half-bull, so that it could never get out again. The ingenious architect did as he was asked, but some time later he helped Theseus, a famous hero, to kill the monster. As a punishment, the king of Crete ordered Daedalus to be impri­soned himself in the labyrinth, with his young son, Icarus.
“Don't worry,” the father encour­aged the boy. “I know already how we can get out of this prison!”
Daedalus made a huge pair of wings and he stuck them with wax onto his son's shoulders. The wings could be moved up and down by moving the arms. Then Daedalus made another pair of wings for himself.
The wings worked wonderfully. The two men took off, and with a few armstrokes they managed to climb high enough to get over the walls of the labyrinth, But then the young boy, out of pride, wanted to fly higher and higher, until the heat from the sun Melted the wax and his wings fell off. Then Icarus plunged to the ground and died. Daedalus, full of sadness, carried on flying until he reached safety.

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