Monday, February 25, 2013

The Generous Rich Man

Once, there lived a wealthy man named Mr. Hartawan. He had vast rice fields, a lot of cattle, big houses with many rooms and five housemaids. He also had good children, a daughter named Arina and a son named Pandu. They always helped their parents do the work although there were housemaids.
One day, Mr. Hartawan told his family that he was bored with his life. This was because everyone in the house didn't allow him to work. So, he decided to give his farms and cattle to poor people. He wanted to live in a smaller and simpler house, so that he had time to work. Mrs. Hartawan and her children agreed with Mr. Hartawan.
The next morning, Mr. Hartawan and his family moved to a smaller and simpler house, which made Mr. Hartawan happy.

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