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Cerita singkat bahasa inggris

Salam Super Narrative Text....
Cerita singkat bahasa inggris (Narrative text) memiliki banyak pesan-pesan moral yang bisa jadi pelajaran dalam hidup kita. Meski cerita singkat bahasa inggris ini hanyalah fiktif , bisa saja memberikan motivasi tersendiri.
Memilih orang dalam menjalankan tugas penting harus selektif, karena bisa jadi orang itu sendiri yang akan mengacaukan tugas tersebut. Cerita singkat bahasa inggris berikut seperti judul lagu "Pagar Makan Tanaman"  penasaran........ langsung saja ke cerita singkat bahasa inggris berikut.
Two bottles of water
(Favourite stories from Chinese)

There was an old school teacher who liked to drink wine. He always kept several bottles of good wine in his mouth. As he had to go out one day, he was worried that his servant would drink his wine. Then he thought of a way to stop him from doing so.
“I am going out for the day,” he told his servant. “Please look after the house for me. There is some ham and two bottles of water in the cupboard. There is also a chicken in the kitchen.
cerita singkat bahasa inggris - two bottles of water
But as soon as he left, his servant killed the chicken and cooked it for dinner. He then ate both the chicken and the ham and drank the two bottles of wine. He felt sleepy and went to bed.
The school teacher returned home later that evening. He was surprised to find that the chicken, ham and two bottles of wine had disappeared. He then saw his servant lying asleep in bed. There were two empty bottles by his side. He shook him by the shoulder.
“What has happened?” he asked.
“I am very sorry,” his servant replied. “As soon as you left, a cat jumped in through the window and ate the ham. A dog then chased and caught the chicken. I knew you would be very angry with me when you returned, so I tried to kill myself by drinking the poison. Please excuse me.”
The old school teacher did not believe him but there was nothing he could do.

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